Cause of Learning Difficulties

3 Nov 2020 Healthy

The cause of learning difficulties in children is often a question that haunts parents. The existence of learning difficulties and learning barriers experienced by children will have an impact or can be seen on the learning achievements achieved by the children. Learning difficulties are basically a problem that causes a child to not be able to follow the learning process properly like other students in general due to certain factors so that he is late or even unable to achieve the learning goals properly as expected.

Basically, learning difficulties experienced by children are not always caused by a low level of intelligence. One of the causes of learning difficulties experienced by children can be related to their cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the most essential and basic foundation children need to process information and problem solving. If children have good cognitive skills, all information processing and learning processes will become faster and easier.

Cognitive skills are the brain’s way of remembering, reasoning, attracting attention, thinking, reading, and learning. Cognitive skills help children process new information by taking that information and distributing it to the appropriate areas in their brain. When later children need this information, the brain also uses cognitive abilities to retrieve and use that information. By developing cognitive skills, this helps the brain complete its retrieval of information more quickly and efficiently, and ultimately ensures that children understand and process new information effectively.

To deal with learning difficulties in children, one solution that can be done is “Brain Training”. Brain Training can develop cognitive skills through a series of training and activities to improve and strengthen each cognitive skill, which in turn will affect self-confidence, self-concept, motivation and open up opportunities to achieve the desired achievements.