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Nobody wants to be unprepared when the semester reopens. With the Exam Preparation Workshop, your child’s holidays will never be put to waste or spent unproductively ever again.

Vacation season is not the best time to persuade your children to study ontheir own. However, there is another way for your child to cope with their academic activities and prepare for the next exam while not compromising their holidays.


The 3-day Exam Preparation Workshop is a unique approach to studying during the holidays as it only utilizes a few days off a long vacation break. The unique study power workshop will help your child acquire the skills to being a great student for the new school term.

The 3-day workshop aims to develop the following among its participants:

Day 1

  • Listening Skill
  • Note Taking
  • Ready for Success
  • Study Smart
  • Class participation as input
Day 2

  • Managing yourself
  • Managing your time
  • Concentration
  • Managing your learning
  • Class participation as a processing skill
Day 3

  • Preparing for a test
  • Test Taking
  • Test Anxiety
  • Mastering specifice tests
  • Class participation as outout

Take Action Now

Your child’s vacation should not be a hindrance to his school performance. Help your child achieve a healthy and balanced academic life through the 3-day workshop and see your child become:

  • Studious and smarter
  • Confident when taking exams
  • Efficient time managers
  • Great note takers
  • Optimistic to improve their reading and comprehension
  • Calm test takers as they reduce test jitters

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