Lindamood-Bell® Seeing Stars® Program

Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) is proud to bring in Lindamood-Bell® Program from Gander Publishing, as a licensed partner, to improve your child’s reading and phonemic awareness with the Seeing Stars® Program for Reading Fluency & Spelling.

The Seeing Stars® Reading and Spelling program helps struggling readers develop the sensory-cognitive function of symbol imagery. Unlike most reading programs, Seeing Stars instruction directly applies symbol imagery to sight word development, contextual fluency, spelling, and increasing the speed and stability of phonemic awareness. Students in the Seeing Stars program move through a series of steps – from single consonants/vowels to multisyllabic and contextual reading – to develop the imagery-language connection for competency in written language.

It is common for children and adults to gain years in reading, reading fluency, and spelling in just weeks of intensive instruction. Developing symbol imagery is necessary to becoming an independent reader, which is necessary to becoming a proficient learner in any subject. And, the process-based instruction provided by the Seeing Stars program has proven successful for individuals exhibiting symptoms of dyslexia, ADHD, ASD, CAPD, and other learning difficulties.

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