Mrs Elaine Chua

11 Jun 2016

I must congratulate SBDC for the well-designed module carried out by your capable trainers. When she first started the module, Chrislyn lacked confidence and would be filled with anxieties when facing new experiences. Under the patient guidance of your trainer, she overcame her fear when confronted with unfamiliar situations or tasks. From “I Cannot”, she began to tell herself “I will try”. The systematic award charts for the different activities also helped Chrislyn keep track of her own progress. Her confidence grew as she saw herself achieving the gold levels with time and practice. As a parent, I am impressed by your trainer’s creativity and adaptability when carrying out the training sessions. She conducted her training using interesting and effective manipulation that captured Chrislyn’s attention. She was sensitive to Chrislyn’s learning curve and motivation level at every step. Thus, she was able to adjust the level of difficulties and built successes along the way to encourage and help Chrislyn conquer her fear of failure.