Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) is proud to be a licensed provider of The Tomatis® Method – the gold medal award winner for scientific research in Europe, as a natural approach to auditory stimulation.

Why Listening?

In the processing of information, our ears play a fundamental role as the main gateway to our brain. It picks up sounds, converts them into electrical stimuli, and transmits them to the brain which analyses them. More importantly, our ears also capture our movements and are heavily involved in coordination, balance and rhythm. Thus, our ears play a vital function in daily life, allowing us to follow instructions, read, learn, memorise or simply to move.

Weak communication between the ears and the brain affects our ability to receive and process information, causing learning and communication difficulties, and other behavioural and emotional issues.

Our listening program targets the auditory system to stimulate the brain and energises the body – improving your child’s fundamental ability to process information and learn.

Our Listening Program


The Tomatis® Method has been validated by more than 80 research papers, as well as by clinical and scientific studies. It is a versatile method that has seen many areas of applications, including:

  • Attention IssuesDevelops the brain’s automatic change detection mechanisms, enabling your child to select relevant information and decide to reject or discriminate side events.
  • Learning Difficulties Facilitates the integration of new information and allows your child to improve his/her general and academic skills.
  • Language and Communication IssuesDevelops the auditory feedback loop to enhance communication and language acquisition.
  • Emotional Regulation ProblemsStimulates the limbic (emotional) system for better emotional control, memory and learning.
  • Weak Motor Skills and Coordination – Develops the vestibular (sense of balance and movement) system, improving coordination, motor responses and balance
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder The Tomatis® Method can help children with delays in cognitive development, communication and social interaction like autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and behaviours sometimes associated with it: Asperger’s syndrome, sensory processing disorder (SPD) , or Down syndrome.

Our Integrated Music Therapy is a highly effective technique that complements and accelerates most pedagogical and/or therapeutic support. Our Integrated Music Therapy can be used at any age, be it a toddler or an adult and it also aids in battling other psychological difficulties and disorders.

Empower your child to achieve more through Listening Therapy!

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