What Moms Should Know About Sensory Processing Disorder

28 Aug 2020 children

8/10 of the parents, who believed in Singapore Brain Development Centre’s Brain Training programs, have children who have Sensory Processing Issues. Sensory processing disorder is a sort of `traffic jam’ in the brain. Some bits of sensory information get `tied up in traffic,’ and certain parts of the brain do not get the sensory information they need to do their jobs.” (Ayres, p. 51)

Some moms who we met struggled with their children’s behavioral issues, as early as when they were a toddler. Yet, some moms, feedback that the issues they thought could be overcome when their child grows older; as with the adage, “you grow wiser as you grow older,” became a nightmare to them as they experienced the opposite of a worsened condition in their child.

Truth be told, your child do not outgrow sensory processing issues as they get older. Early intervention or treatment is required to assist the child’s development including emotional and social. Here at Singapore Brain Development Centre, our treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a fun, play-based intervention that takes place in a sensory-rich environment. We use occupational therapy programs for treatment of SPD or sensory issues in disorders such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism or Sensory imbalances. It may be supplemented with listening therapy or other complimentary therapies.

To Moms and Dads, you may wish to spend sometime to go through the following Checklist to find out if your child is struggling with Sensory Processing Issues, and if so, we urge you to seek treatment as soon as possible, without any further delay, let us at Singapore Brain Development Centre help your child to overcome these issues for his developmental needs; and for his brighter future.