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Who can Brain Training benefit ? Students of all ages! Singapore Brain Centre’s brain training programs has the power to improve the quality of life and learning for almost any student regardless of their current level of learning or reading success.

Most of us take for granted the amazing processes that happen in our brains. Every bit of information, every question, and each fragment of sensory input is processed at lightning speed so we can learn, answer, decide, or just enjoy the moment. Brain training simply makes this processing faster and easier.

For the struggling student, these automatic processes often let them down. The ease of understanding new information that should have been normal becomes difficult and awkward. Learning that should have been easy is a frustrating effort.

Brain Training Help - Faster, Easier Learning for Everyone

who-we-can-help-img1Singapore Brain Centre’s brain training programs help students of all ages learn faster and easier. We focus directly on the cause of learning struggle—which is the underlying weak cognitive skills—it helps struggling students overcome life-long symptoms of learning challenges. Students who experience ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia symptoms can benefit from brain training. The value of brain training doesn’t stop at struggling students. It can also help senior adults stall the effects of aging on the brain. It can empower tertiary and career adults to excel in school and their workplace in ways that were impossible before brain training.

Brain training can radically reduce rehabilitation time and increase recovered brain function for those suffering with accident, sport, or war related TBI (traumatic brain injury). Brain training can help you or your child learn, read, and think faster and easier.

Brain Training can Help:

ADHD & Attention Issues

Attention problems are difficult
to test and measure, but easy..

Autism & Other Syndromes

When students struggle with symptoms
of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome …

Global Developmental Delay

Global developmental delay
is a term used to describe …

Gaining A Competitive Edge

For the students that are
already a cut above their ..

Pre-school & Young Kids

Young students just launching into
school are almost always filled..

Reading Problems & Dyslexia

Reading is the gateway to learning.
Singapore Brain Centre’s brain training

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is
a complex injury with a broad spectrum

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Singapore Brain Centre’s brain training programs help students of all ages learn faster and easier.