Help for ADHD and Attention Issues

When students struggle with symptoms of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and other learning syndromes, cognitive skills training can help. Training mitigates symptoms and leads to a significantly improved quality of life. Here is why brain training is so effective when added to the resources used to treat these conditions.

Children with PDD, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome respond well to treatment that is regular and predictable. At Singapore Brain Centre, brain training is highly ordered and establishes rewarding and predictable success. Student programs are individually designed and delivered one-on-one by skilled and sensitive trainers. Progress is regular, systematic and recognisable by the child.

Will there be results? 

Training provides more than just a positive structure. It also specifically addresses cognitive needs that are critical to improvement in these students. Test results have shown that children diagnosed with PDD, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome most commonly display weaknesses in short-term memory, processing speed, and logic and reasoning skills. These are some of the primary skills that brain training can impact.

Singapore Brain Centre’s training regularly produces multi-year gains in these critical skills. Such gains make a tremendous difference for PDD, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome students. Our brain training programs can help parents and students bridge the gap to have a significantly more enjoyable and productive life experience.

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