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4 Positive Facts About Autism That Parents Should Know

4 Positive Facts About Autism That Parents Should Know

4 Positive Facts About Autism That Parents Should Know

Has your child just gotten a diagnosis of autism? For many parents, the initial reaction after finding out their child has autism is often fear, worry or even grief.

There is a stigma that individuals diagnosed with autism will be labelled as “different” and have trouble leading a fulfilling life. In fact, just make a quick search on the Internet and you’ll likely find multiple articles detailing various negative facts about children with autism. To say that this is discouraging is an understatement.

Instead, let’s redefine autism in a more positive light. Thus, we have put together this list of 4 encouraging facts about autism that parents should know! Of course, it is important to bear in mind that autism is a spectrum, and every autistic individual is unique in their own ways – so these are just some common positive attributes that are typically present.

1. The desire for social interactions is present

There is a common misconception that children with autism do not care about making friends or being social, which is usually not the case!

Unfortunately, people who are unaware of autism expect your child to behave and interact in accordance with their standards. This will result in them misinterpreting their behaviours as being reluctant to engage in social interactions.

The truth is that children with autism want companionship just as much as “typical” kids do — even though group socialisation might be difficult for them. They simply need a little extra assistance and support to get there!

2. They are usually creative thinkers

Most individuals with autism, perceive the world differently and process information in unique ways – which makes them independent and creative thinkers. More often than not, they usually have a particular interest that dominates their thinking, communication, and behaviour. This could include anything from visual arts to sports, movies and more.

These special interests can be used by parents, teachers, and therapists to encourage learning and advance with new abilities. What’s more, you should not lose sight of the possibility that their passions can lead to a fulfilling profession!

3. They are unapologetically themselves

It is undeniable that autistic children are unique. As a parent, you would be glad to know that they aren’t afraid to be themselves! They typically do not get too bothered by what others may think of them and continue sharing their unique passions and quirks with the world. It is certainly heartening to see your child being unapologetically themselves!

4. People with autism can read emotions and feel empathy

We are here to debunk the myth once and for all – the notion that individuals with autism lack empathy is false! While it is true that many autistic individuals may have a harder time expressing themselves or reading emotions, it is incorrect to think that they are unable to interpret or feel another person’s emotions entirely.

In fact, many autistic children exhibit typical or even excessive empathy. Simply put, they do feel all the emotions and care about the feelings of others, but they might not know how to respond to these feelings in the way that “normal” people are used to.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have had a change in mindset and the way you view autism. Remember that the most important thing your child needs is your unconditional love, support, and care!

For more information, check out our parents’ guide to autism therapy for everything you need to know about how you can help support your child. Here at Singapore Brain Development Centre, we strive to help every child realise and unlock their fullest potential. Through our holistic early childhood intervention program in Singapore and individualised intervention, your child will be able to develop their speech, language, social communication skills and more.

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