Singapore Brain Development Centre

Our Approach

At SBDC, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and intervention to help our clients overcome learning challenges and excel in all areas of life. We believe in giving our best efforts to every child/client and adopting the right approach to unlock their potential. We also offer support to parents, empowering them with knowledge and resources to meet their child’s core needs and enhance their parenting journey. With an outcome-oriented approach, we focus on achieving measurable results through regular assessments, progress tracking, and personalized intervention plans. Our goal is to ensure meaningful progress and success for our clients at SBDC.

Step 1: Evaluate – Getting to know you

  • Gathering of all comprehensive and relevant information to gain a better understanding of you and your child’s needs. Click here to schedule a Free Evaluation today!

Step 2: Assess – Digging Deeper

  • Thorough assessments are conducted using standardised tests and structured observations to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and specific needs. Click here to know more about our Assessments.

Step 3: Consult – Building Understanding

  • A formal consultation session to discuss your child’s assessment outcomes and areas of concern.

Step 4: Plan – Planning for success

  • Based on the test data and reports, we create a personalised program tailored to address your child’s specific needs.  Specific action plans are formulated to guide the intervention process and ensure targeted progress.

Step 5: Implement – Acting with Purpose

  • Your child will be assigned a dedicated therapist and a case management team who will closely oversee and ensure that the desired goals are achieved. Click here to know more about our Professionals.

Step 6: Progress Review – Ensuring Alignment

  • As part of our methodology, we have implemented a 3-step review process consisting of Monitoring, Evaluating, and Adjusting. This process is crucial in assessing your child’s progress and making necessary adjustments to their intervention program.

Step 7: Results – Achieving Goals

  • All information relevant to the progress of your child is brought together to assess the outcomes achieved and determine the appropriate course of action for the future. Click here to see our Success Stories.