Our High-Intensity Programs

Every child is different, with different learning and support needs. At Singapore Brain Development Centre, our programs are designed to offer your child quality learning experience catered to their individual needs.

Brain Training: Grooming a Competent Learner

Our Brain Training Program help students of all ages learn faster and easier. We focus directly on the cause of learning struggles—underlying weak cognitive skills. With Brain Training, our students are equipped with stronger cognitive skills, empowering them to learn things faster and easier than ever before. They have measurably better memory skills and concentration, perform better in the classroom, and even on the athletic field!

Sensory Integration: Building the Foundation

Our Sensory Integration helps children with learning, development or behavioural issues, by targeting the way your child’s brain organises and interprets sensory experiences, such as touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste and the pull of gravity. With Sensory Integration, our students have improved motor skills, coordination, organisation of behaviour and even improved self-confidence!

Listening Therapy: Grooming an Attentive Learner

Our Listening Program uses research-proven music therapy to stimulates your child’s motor, emotional and cognitive abilities. In addition, we integrate movement, language and cognitive tasks into exercises that target your child’s cognitive ability to receive and process information. Our integrated approach has proven to improve learning, social, language and communication skills in our students.

Literacy Program: Strengthening the foundation for a child’s success in school and in life

Our Literacy program targets four fundamental building blocks of successful learning: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our Literacy program is designed to make your child’s learning journey easier and more enjoyable!

NeuroFeedback Therapy: Enhancing Brain Performance

Our Neuro Feedback Therapy uses cutting-edge brain training technology to measure and correct faulty brain activity that might be causing attention, emotional, behaviour and performance issues. With our neurofeedback therapy, your child’s brain essentially learns to correct itself – to not only correct underlying issues but to also improve the performance!

Group Programs

Group learning can increase students’ responsibility for their own learning. Working in groups and interacting with peers during the learning process provides learners with the opportunity to express themselves, discover deeper meaning in content and improve thinking skills. Our group programs are designed to energise and motivate your child to engage and enjoy their learning experiences.

Early Intervention Program

Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) targets children with learning difficulties or developmental delay and is designed to develop the fundamental skills necessary for mainstream integration at primary school. With our individualised therapy-integrated program, supported by certified speech and occupational therapists, your child’s accelerated progress is our goal! Applicable for Ages 3-8.

Jiggles & Wiggles

Learning through play is one way children can learn to make sense of the world around them. Our PowerMind™ Junior program incorporates sensory integration in an exciting and holistic program developed to aids in the physical, emotional and intellectual development of young children. Applicable for Ages 2-4.


Our Lift-Off is a school-readiness cognitive training program designed specifically for preschoolers. It builds your child’s cognitive skills strength, laying a strong foundation for his/her academic success. These skills will empower your child to thrive as a confident and capable learner. Applicable for Ages 5-6.

Social Communications Class

Social and Emotional development is crucial for your child to be able to develop a positive sense of his/herself in relation to you, their peers and their community. This equips them with the confidence to change, adapt, develop new skills and to respond effectively to challenges. Our social communication classes will enable your child to develop self-awareness, self-management skills and social awareness, enhancing his/her personal and social well-being! Applicable for Ages 7-10.


Our Esprit program is a group cognitive development class, designed specifically for primary school students. It helps develop cognitive skills that will help your child learn faster and easier, empowering them to pursue academic excellence with confidence. Applicable for Ages 7-12.


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