Group Brain Training for Primary Schoolers

Our Esprit program is a group cognitive development class, designed specifically for primary school students. It helps develop cognitive skills that will help your child learn faster and easier, empowering them to pursue academic excellence with confidence.

The Esprit Program works on these 6 core cognitive skills:

  • Attention – the ability to sustain, divide and select information
  • Memory – the ability to retain, recall and apply learned knowledge
  • Processing Speed – the speed of processing any given input task quickly and accurately
  • Auditory Processing the ability to discern sound codes, critical for listening or comprehension
  • Visual processing – the ability to manipulate objects, pictures and images in space
  • Logic and Reasoning – the ability to reason, form ideas and solve problems

The development of your child’s cognitive skills will enable him/her to:

  • Pay attention better
  • Process information more quickly
  • Retain information
  • Learn and remember more
  • Be more cognitively flexible

Key Highlights:

  • Small group size (4-6 students)
  • 1:5 teacher-student ratio
  • Challenging and interactive “mental workout’ exercise that trains the brain
  • Group learning environment that motivates your child
  • Ages 7-12

Give your child a cognitive advantage, enquire about our Esprit program today