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Here's Why Reading Can Help Improve Your Child's Memory

Here's Why Reading Can Help Improve Your Child's Memory

Here's Why Reading Can Help Improve Your Child's Memory

Picture this: your child is bored out of their mind and running around, while you have your laptop open with tons of unanswered work emails. Given how hectic life can get as we juggle multiple responsibilities, these days, it can sometimes be easier to hand your child a mobile phone or tablet to keep them occupied.

However, excessive screen time can be detrimental to a child’s overall development. Hence, it would be much better if you swapped out that mobile device in your child’s hand with a book. It is undeniable that the advantages of reading for children are aplenty. Despite this, few people are aware of how it truly affects a child’s intellectual development. As a result, many parents may forego the beneficial reading time they could provide for their children.

So, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of reading, particularly in regard to enhancing your child’s cognitive abilities.

The human brain and reading

The human brain is affected in a variety of ways by reading. As we read, our brain’s neurons begin activating, involving a variety of cognitive activities. Different areas of the brain are activated depending on the emotions, memories, information processing, problem-solving, or other activities the brain is engaged in.

Remember that the brain is a machine for absorbing and processing information, so as your child reads more, their ability to solve problems and perform other routine tasks improves!

Reading is important even in early childhood

It is crucial to realise that reading is a skill that is used outside of formal education and children should adopt this habit well before they start school. In fact, according to research, although the brain does continue to develop during adulthood, the first 7 years in an individual’s life are vital in building a solid foundation for future success, learning and health.

Thus, we highly recommend that you begin reading with your child from a young age. While they may not necessarily understand everything you’re reading to them in their early years, this practice can help them develop a healthy and positive attitude towards reading!

How does reading improve memory?

By enhancing mental stimulation and promoting the growth of new neurons in the brain, reading aids in memory improvement. In other words, the more your child reads, the more mental exercise they are getting and the easier it will be for them to retain information!

Reading causes the brain to develop new connections. A study conducted in 2013 found that reading enhances communication across the areas of the brain responsible for language processing, such as the contralateral somatosensory cortex.

Moreover, research has also found that reading has a direct correlation to improving one’s cognitive functioning. It was discovered that children who read at least once per week were less likely to face any issues with cognitive decline in the future.

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Reading is one of the healthiest habits that can help your child improve their memory and cognitive skills significantly.

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