Singapore Brain Development Centre


Group Brain Training for Preschoolers Aged 5-6

Our Lift-Off program is a group cognitive development class, designed specifically for kindergarteners. It helps develop cognitive skills to help set a strong foundation for your child’s academic success.

The Lift-Off Program works on these 6 core cognitive skills:

  • Attention – the ability to sustain, divide and select information
  • Memory – the ability to retain, recall and apply learned knowledge
  • Processing Speed – the speed of processing any given input task quickly and accurately
  • Auditory Processing – the ability to discern sound codes, critical for listening or comprehension
  • Visual processing – the ability to manipulate objects, pictures and images in space
  • Logic and Reasoning – the ability to reason, form ideas and solve problems

The development of your child’s cognitive skills will enable him/her to pay attention better, process information more quickly, retain information better, learn and remember more and most importantly, be more cognitively flexible

Key Highlights:

  • Small group size (4-6 students)
  • 1:5 teacher-student ratio
  • Challenging and interactive “mental workout’ exercise that trains the brain
  • Group learning environment that motivates your child
  • Ages 5-6

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