Singapore Brain Development Centre

Our People



Quin graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She began her career as an Educational Consultant, where she provided valuable assistance to parents and students facing challenges related to education and career choices. Her role involved assessing and evaluating students’ strengths, interests, emotions, behaviours, and learning aspects.

Recognising the difficulties many students encounter in their education journeys, Quin decided to join the Singapore Brain Development Centre as a therapist. Her aim was to help students unlock their full potential through effective training and methods and address specific cognitive or developmental needs.

Quin currently oversees the overall development, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, performance, and maintenance of the centre’s activities. Her focus is on achieving maximum efficiency, quality, and service for the organisation. With her passion for structure and attention to detail, she ensures that company standards and expectations are consistently met.

Outside of work, Quin dedicates her free time to reading, and seeking new experiences and connections with others. This interest allows her to gain different perspectives and broaden her understanding of people.

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." — Booker T. Washington