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Xue Min graduated from University of Reading with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her honours thesis focused on whether abilities in undergraduates’ executive functions would affect their problem-solving performance through the use of well-known cognitive tests such as the Stroop Test, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and Nine-Dots Test.

During her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to work with troubled youths who were mostly diagnosed with various mental disorders, ranging from anxiety to eating disorders. Her experience gained from interacting with these youths helped her to realise her aspiration of being able to help others struggling from challenging life circumstances. She has also worked with younger children, providing private tutoring for English and Mathematics, where she helped them acquire greater knowledge for their academic success.

Xue Min has interests in developing her linguistic abilities, and is currently learning Japanese in her free time, as well as reading a wide variety of literature to improve on her proficency in English.

Course Completion:
– DIRFloortime® Course conducted by Professional Consultant & CEO of ICDL Jeffrey Guenzel
– Structure of Intellect conducted by SOI Systems

“The learning process continues until the day you die.” – Kirk Douglas