Singapore Brain Development Centre

Our People



Yanting graduated from the University of London with an Honours degree in Business and Management. Her research focuses on understanding aspects of business and sociology management relevant to managing organisations effectively.

Yanting is keen to learn about all aspects of a company’s operations. This includes ensuring that all operations are carried out correctly, enhancing operational management systems and infrastructure, procedures and best practices, and assisting the organization’s activities in remaining efficient.

Yanting is also passionate about supporting children in their development and learning. This prompted her to join Singapore Brain Development Centre with the purpose of providing the required operational assistance so that our team of therapists may focus on nurturing the students and attaining the best possible outcome in their learning journey.

Yanting enjoys experimenting with baking recipes. She gets to exercise her creativity when it comes to decorating cakes and other pastries.

“At its core, a fully functioning business is basically a set of systems and processes” – John Jantsch