Singapore Brain Development Centre


We welcome you and your child to June PowerMind BrainCamp ’19!
Singapore Brain Development Centre is proud to present a 3-days, intensive holiday programme with a host of activities that promises to provide a total sensual feast!
The theme of this year camp “Why do we do what we do?” When the “WHY” is deep, the “how” and “what” becomes easy.
The objective of the camp is to develop a thinking child with strong character. We have incorporated action learning, system thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies into the curriculum of the camp. Your child will be trained to take responsibility and ownership of their brains. Understanding the emotions, reasons and motives of how others think and feel is the key to have a holistic approach to problem-solving. Using the coaching method of awareness of
We provide a systematic approach to problem-solving and character building.
The Brain Camp will also work with your child on personal mastery, values system, character building & behavioural issues. We will cover and work on these 5 life management areas :
1) Respect
2) Perseverance
3) Process
4) Priority
5) Flexibility
The highlights of the BrainCamp include:

1) A 3 days / 1 Night OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CAMP including character building activities, cycling adventure, BBQ, Night walk at Aloha Changi Resort.

2) “ Parenting for Connection ” workshop where you will learn how to provide crucial core emotional needs for your child

3) “POWERMIND ORIENTATION RACE” where your child will put to practice what they have learnt in the camp.

Social, interpersonal and life skills will also be developed through the action based, experiential activities in the camp.
As the saying goes, teach them how to fish and it will feed them for a lifetime!
Teach them how to think and they will succeed for life!

Program Schedule

12 – 14 December 2019 (Transport, Meals & Lodging fully provided)
Early Bird Price (Book by 30th November 2019): $450
UP: $550
*SPECIAL PROMOTION: Bundle a 3-Days Brain Transformation Workshop (@$299) + 3-Days Braincamp for an additional 10% discount!
Early Bird Price (Book by 30th November 2019): $680
UP: $780
Register today to guarantee a place for your child! (Applicable for Children Aged 6-12)
For more information, please email us at or Call us at 6288 4123 / 8282 0202