What is Social Communication? Why is it Important?

To communicate and engage in conversation, we need to do more than just saying words. We need to pay attention, look at each other, take turns, read facial expressions and body language. These rules of interactions are known as social communication skills.

Social Communication Skills allows your child to interact adaptively with the world. They are crucial for your child’s social and emotional well-being, learning, motivation to achieve and cooperate, and the development of values.

If your child struggles with social communication, he/she will struggle to interact with others and to build relationships. He/she will also likely have other speech and language issues.

Our Social Communication classes are designed to give your child the opportunity to develop their social communication skills by learning through interactions and observations. The program develops three key skill areas: Social Interaction skills, Social communication skills and Language skills

1.  Social Interaction Skills:

  • Turn-taking: Take turns, wait, share materials and co-operate
  • Attention: Pay attention to other, understand their point of view, make friends

 2. Social Communication Skills:

  • Active Listening: Listen and learn from observation of other
  • Body language and Gestures: Use gestures, body language, eye contact, facial expression

3. Language Skills:

  • Language: Use language to provide information, to ask for information, to negotiate, to suggest, to clarify and to solve problems

Key Highlights

  • Small Group (4-6 Children)
  • 1:5 Teacher-Student Ratio
  • Specialised gym for fun games and activities
  • Supported by Senior Speech and Language Therapists
  • Ages 7-10

Empower your child to communicate with confidence, enquire about our Social Communication Program today!