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Using Massage to Help Your Child Cope with Stress

Using Massage to Help Your Child Cope with Stress

When most of us think about massages, we picture ourselves in a spa, with light music playing with a masseuse kneading our stress away. However, when it comes to child massages it not only provides relaxation but also bonding between parent and child.

What kind of massages do we do at SBDC?

At the Singapore Brain Development Centre, we always make it a point to spend some time to do various massage therapies for your child.

Here is what your child will experience when we start most of our lessons.


How is the massage done

  • Brushing will take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete

How does this help?

  • When it comes to children, there are often two types of categories, hyposensitivity, and hypersensitivity

Joint compression

Full body deep pressure massage

Who does it help?

We always encourage parents to massage their child 6 times a day however, due to the lifestyle in Singapore that is usually very hard to commit to. However, children suffering from stress, problems with emotional regulation, ADHD, ASD, Sensory processing disorders, Global Developmental Delay can all benefit your child. After the massage is done, Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) will proceed to work with your child on either sensory work of various gym activities that will stimulate them.

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