What is Brain Training?


Brain Training develops the cognitive skills that the brain uses to think and learn. So the more important question here is: What are Cognitive skills?

Cognitive Skills are the core skills that our brain uses to learn, remember, pay attention, reason and problem-solve. Working together, they enable us to receive, perceive and interpret the information we use daily at school, at work, and in life.

Each cognitive skill plays a critical role in how we process new information and influences our ability to learn. In fact, weak cognitive skills are the root cause of most learning struggles.

Here is a brief description of each cognitive skills, as well as the struggles that may be experienced if that skill is weak:

  • Attention – the ability to sustain, divide and select information.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak:
    Easily distracted, Has trouble staying on task, Difficulty multitasking, Forget instructions, Makes careless errors repeatedly
  • Memory – the ability to retain, recall and apply learned knowledge.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak:
    Difficulty following instructions, Forgetfulness, Doing poorly on tests
  • Processing Speed – the speed of processing any given input task quickly and accurately.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak:
    Slow completing a task, Find tasks more challenging
  • Auditory Processing – the ability to discern sound codes, critical for listening or comprehension.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak:
    Difficulty sounding out words, Reverse letters or words, Struggling with learning to read
  • Visual processing – the ability to manipulate objects, pictures and images in space.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak:
    Problems creating a mental picture, Trouble understanding what is read, Difficulties remembering what is just read, Difficulties doing word math problems, Difficulties following directions
  • Logic and Reasoning – the ability to reason, form ideas and solve problems.
    Common Problems when this skill is weak
    : Unable to understand concepts, Problems handling a complicated task, Struggling with maths

Key Highlights of Our Brain Training Program

Intensive (but fun!) Mental Workout Sessions to Target Weak Cognitive Skills

Our program targets and strengthens your child’s cognitive skills. It uses an integrated blend of exercises and activities that are designed to advance your child’s cognitive skills incrementally, but surely!

Assessment and Scientific Measurement

We measure the cognitive skills of every student, before and after our Brain Training program. This allows us to measure the improvement in your child’s cognitive development scientifically!

Individualised Training Program

Based on your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, we will develop a customised training plan for him/her. During the program, he/she will receive one-on-one training and attention to ensure his/her cognitive development.

Commitment to results

Post-evaluation assessment will be conducted periodically to track your child’s progress and/or enhance his/her training plan.

Empower your child to achieve more through Brain Training!

Find out how Brain Training can impact your child’s learning and cognitive development today! The first step is to get in touch with us, to schedule an appointment so that we can get to know you, and help you understand your child better. Contact Us Now!