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Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT) is an entirely unique approach that strengthens the underlying processes (cognitive skills) a child needs to be a successful student. It involves a series of very specific-targeted physical and neurological exercises that strengthen developmentally weak areas of the brain, thus eliminating the neurological disorder that is the cause of the learning disability.

It is based on the latest neuro-scientific research from different academic disciples, including education, psychology, psychiatry and medicine. Additionally, the program’s materials and methodologies are drawn from different therapeutic disciples, including speech therapy, audiology, optical therapy and many others.

Physio-Neuro Training will help your child improve his/her ability to learn and overcome the educational roadblocks on their path to a brighter future.

How does it work?

The brain is like a muscle. When you need to strengthen a muscle, you must complete exercises that require the muscle to work harder than it has in the past. As the muscle works harder, strain occurs. The body’s natural response to this stress is to develop tissue that will accommodate the strain, making it possible for the muscle to do things that it previously could not do. Like a muscle, with proper training, the brain can learn to perform tasks that were previously not possible.

PNT works by simulating underdeveloped areas of the brain (which is the underlying cause of the learning disability) through the use of specific, targeted neurological exercises. These exercises develop new neurological tissue, thus strengthening the brain and making learning much easier.

Key Highlights of Our Physio-Neuro Therapy Program

Targeted Training

We will first conduct an evaluation to identify key weaknesses or areas of improvement. This allows us to develop a therapy plan that targets your child’s specific weaknesses.

Customisable Exercises

PNT includes over 100 multi-sensory exercises that engage a number of cognitive skills simultaneously. These exercises can be drawn upon to treat learning disabilities and custom tailored to meet your child’s individualised learning requirements. The exercises are arranged according to different difficulty levels, where each level is customised for the individual student. Each level also introduces additional elements to expand your child’s natural learning capacity.

Proven Approach

Since 1988, it has helped over 15,000 struggling students overcome their learning difficulties. It has quantifiable results proving itself as a means to permanently help struggling students achieve academic success. Students show an average scholastic gain of two years in just six months’ time.


Empower your child to achieve more through Physio-Neuro Therapy!

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