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Tuning the eyes, expanding the minds

Vision Therapy is a physical therapy approach that addresses visual problems and learning difficulties caused by weak visual processing. Unlike Orthoptics, it targets the entire visual system, including the eyes, brain, and body. By training the brain to process visual information efficiently and react adaptively, it enhances the following abilities and more:

  • Automaticity of letter, number and word naming
  • Auditory memory
  • Auditory Sequencing & Integration
  • Divided Attention
  • Math
  • Motor Planning and Sequencing
  • Reading fluency
  • Sequencing
  • Speed and Span of Recognition
  • Sustained Visual Attention
  • Visual Memory
  • Visualization
  • Visual-Auditory Integration
  • Visual-Vestibular Integration
  • Visual Spatial Memory
  • Visual Cognitive

Why is Vision Therapy Important?

Undiagnosed vision problems can be the underlying cause of learning difficulties in children, leading to issues such as poor handwriting, clumsiness, reading challenges, lack of retention, attention problems, and difficulty concentrating.

Vision Therapy provides a specialised approach to help children develop the visual and sensorimotor skills necessary for effective learning in the classroom. By addressing these visual issues, Vision Therapy aims to improve academic performance and alleviate learning difficulties often misdiagnosed as attention deficit disorder or other learning disorders.

Key Highlights of Our Vision Therapy Program

Specialised equipment

Our Vision Therapy utilizes the Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI), a specialized tool designed to enhance visual abilities across various conditions. It is effective for addressing visually-related learning difficulties, lazy eye (amblyopia), and even traumatic brain injury cases. The SVI is a valuable resource in improving visual function and supporting individuals with a range of visual challenges.

Customisable therapy

Our therapy approach with the Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI) offers a high level of customisation, as we provide over 20 different procedures tailored to meet your specific needs. This ensures that your therapy experience is personalised and targeted towards addressing your unique visual challenges.


Empower your child to achieve more through Vision Therapy!

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